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Most people have asked us this question "am from up country and this seems to be a coastal company,what happens?how can I benefit amd am from up country?"

Here is the answer:

Every company has a start point or origin,Milele Funeral Burial Benevolent Services Limited happens to have its origin in coast,kilifi Kenya but that does not make it for only Kilifi people or coastal people only..this is a national company that will serve all Kenyan citizens..the coastal identity is only the origin

As a matter of fact as at now quite a reasonable percentage are people from up country.good example Bruce Weeska just to mention but a few.

How would u get the promised services if you come to as far a busia, eldoret,kisumu,machakos, and any other part of the country?

Milele has a transport van that can transport all these to all parts of the country where necessary but as we have done before, if the area is too far from our source, its just this simple...we send a Milele staff representative to your sure in that area there must be tents,chairs,public address for hire.
We will sub let on our behalf, we pay as far as the service is delivered as per the contract signed.

Who is eligible?

Contirbutors shuld be above 18 years of age and of good health.

Beneficiaries must be below 18 years andmust have birh certificates.

Contributors of over 70 years of age will have maturity after 1 year.

For how long can one wait before getting the benefit?

After the 6th month of continous payment.

This is not just a's law governed because the agreement or contract is in form of an affidavit that is signed and commissioned by commissioner of oaths making it a valid document.better than others where membership is just by word of mouth and not law compliant

Johnson Kea
Executive director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.